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Bridal Terms and Conditions

Negar Khoshgoo bridal Service

By booking makeup and hairstyling services with Negar Khoshgoo Beauty, you agree to the following terms and conditions:



- All makeup brushes, hair, and makeup products used by our makeup artists are kept sanitary and are sanitised between applications.

- Clients are required to report any skin conditions or sensitivities to the makeup artist before the application.

- Clients and all individuals listed in the booking list release the makeup artist, employees, and team members from liability for any skin complications due to allergic reactions.

- Extremely sensitive clients may use their skincare and cosmetics.


Booking and Deposit

- To secure a date and schedule services, a signed agreement and a deposit may be required at the time of booking.

- The deposit will be applied to the total amount due on the final payment date.

- Deposit payment methods include cash, check (written to Negar Khoshgoo Beauty Ltd.), or other agreed-upon methods between the client(s) and the makeup artist.


Consultation and Trial

- Pre-wedding consultations are mandatory for all brides and are conducted online.

- A separate fee is applicable for the consultation, due when the trial session is rendered.

- The bride's trial session incurs an extra nonrefundable fee of $250, unless included in the package.


Service Location and Requirements

- The location of service(s) for the wedding date is at the discretion of the client(s), but specific requirements must be met for services to be performed effectively.

- Clients must provide a suitable "set-up" work area with ample lighting, preferably natural or lamp lighting, and accessible electrical outlets.

- The work area should have access to fresh air and open windows if aerosol sprays are used.


Travel Fee

- A travel fee applies to most locations outside Downtown Vancouver, with the client arranging transportation.

- If air travel is needed, the client(s) are responsible for all travel expenses, including airfare, hotel, transportation, parking, etc., for the makeup artist and team members.


Early Morning Fee

- An early morning fee will be added to the final payment if services must begin before 7:00 am.



- The person(s) who signed the booking agreement is responsible for the entire balance of payment, including all expenses listed in the agreement.

- All payments in this agreement must be made by their respective due dates.

- Extra services added on the wedding date must be documented at the end of this agreement and signed by the client or representative.


Touch Up

- Makeup artists can remain on location for bride and bridal party touch-ups at a non-refundable rate of $100 per hour, payable at the final payment.



- A late fee of $50 per hour applies when the client(s) is late for a scheduled service.


Service Changes and Cancellation Policy

- Changes to requested services or the number of people in the party must be submitted 30 days before the wedding date.

- Cancellation can be made up to 90 days prior to the wedding date without extra charges.

- Cancellations between 30-90 days before the wedding date incur a $250 cancellation fee.

- Cancellations less than 30 days before the wedding date result in the client(s) being responsible for the cost of all services.

- Additional services can be accommodated if time allows, but the client is responsible for payment.


Inability to Present

- In case of an emergency, illness, or unexpected occurrence with valid documentation, the reserved wedding date may be postponed to an agreed-upon date.

- If the service date cannot be transferred, a fee of $250 is applicable, and the agreement is cancelled.


For any questions or clarifications regarding these terms and conditions, please contact us at .

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